Maintenance and Calibration

Maintenance and Calibration

When medical equipment does not work, it can stop a whole health center. In order that this does not interfere in the proper functioning of the hospital,

and to ensure the good health of all patients, we perform two types of maintenance:

Corrective maintenance

Our team of highly qualified and experienced electromedical engineers solves any incident as soon as possible.

Preventive Maintenance

In addition to solving problems and breakdowns, we also try to prevent them from happening. Prevention is the best medicine, and that is why we design protocols based on manufacturer’s requirements.


We offer free diagnostic service of electromedical equipment, in our facilities. After thirty years of accumulated experience, we know exactly what happens to each damaged equipment, and we have measurement and verification devices so that our engineers can quickly evaluate if a device has an incidence, and thus be able to repair it on time.


We have designed certification protocols based on the UNE regulations and the guidelines of the manufacturers of each medical team. Thanks to this we can ensure that the certificates we issue meet the strict quality standards of our customers. In our verification laboratories we have the necessary analyzers and testers to ensure that the equipment meets the manufacturer’s operating specifications.


Vest Medical has qualified personnel specialized in calibration procedures and certification of ALL TYPES of medical equipment, of ALL medical specialties.

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